Alex and Jock

Founded in 1999 by Alex and Janet Taylor, Poacher’s Ridge is nestled amongst the undulating hills of the Great Southern, on the western outskirts of the small townsite of Narrikup. We took our name after being mistaken for sheep rustlers when first inspecting this ancient land. We knew right then that we’d found a place of story and promise. A place where the distinct terroir now imbibes the wine with a certain complexity only found from our small patch of dirt.

A small, family-run vineyard, consisting of Alex, Janet, Marcus and Andrew Taylor, and Winemaker (James Halliday’s Winemaker of the Year, 2015) Robert Diletti, we take great care producing hand-crafted wines driven by the land, the seasons and a dedication to honest winemaking traditions.

We hand-tend our twenty acres under vine, cultivating grapes that best reflect the lay of the land and the style of wine we love to drink: cool-climate, mediumbodied varietals, with a particular focus on Riesling, Marsanne, Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Our yields are forever subject to the mercy of the seasons; these shifting conditions allow us to tend harvests fitting to the vintage, creating personable, expressive wines that are truly reflective of our land’s character.